Sustainable Networks for Agro-food Innovation Leading in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean basin countries present a rich variety of agro-food products deeply rooted in local culture and biodiversity and representative of the Mediterranean diet.
These territories also share common issues and challenges in the agro-food sector such as gradual loss of local varieties, rural poverty (mostly affecting women), limited investment capacity of rural entrepreneurs and lack of training on socio- environmental sustainability, business planning, and marketing strategies.
MedSNAIL intends to tackle these issues by fostering the valorisation and development of small-scale traditional agro-food value chains, combining enhancement of market potentialities and socio-environmental sustainability.
Project activities will build on the well-established experience, principles and methods of SlowFood, an international grassroots organization promoting traditional food with a strong focus on biodiversity preservation.

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Fostering socially and environmentally sustainable development of agro-food SMEs by valorising traditional Euro-Mediterranean products according to a “slow” approach and short-chain principles.
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Structuring and testing consultancy, support and training services to be provided to local actors (agro-food SMEs, public authorities) in order to raise awareness on the SLOW principles and define new pathways for a sustainable and durable development, beyond major economic trends
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Promoting clustering of traditional products/producers, through a common approach to selected products in the cooperation area, thus increasing their visibility and diffusion in domestic and Euro-Mediterranean markets and triggering rural development while preserving local heritage and identit
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Typical local meal: Qors Al-Nar "Bread of Fire" from Salt

Jordan experience of local and tipycal meal from Salt

Video on mapping activity on Balqa

Several producers are still growing their crops, breeding indigenous species of animals and processing these products. This is an example of the mapping activity on Jordan, the region of Balqa.

Video about typical local meal: Samneh "Local Ghee" from Salt

We can see the way to make Samneh "Local Ghee" from scratch in Salt