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We implemented over 40 projects under five main programs

Women for  Cultural  Development  (Namaa)  is a  non-profit organization that was established in 2005  by a group of women,  with the aim of improving the status of women in their respective communities and enhancing their participation in decision making.

 Our Vision: we work for a conscious and educated society that is sensitive for the role of women in it.

 Our Main Goal: Through serving women and empowering them to carry out their duties towards their communities and by ensuring their participation in economic, political, social, and cultural decision-making, we were able to create an integrated network of programs, projects, and services through which we serve all members of society (youth, children and women).

We are now one of the main contributors in sustainable development in Jordan and the Arab region through the implementation of programs and projects based on adequate community studies and partnership of institutions and individuals with the same system of principle, ethical and development.



Strengthen the confidence of women of
themselves and each other;
• Empower women to participate in decision-making
that affects all aspects of life;
• Focus on self-reliance;
• Educate women and build capacities towards
producing their own food within Slow Food
• Encourage the establishment of small
income-generating home-based businesses.

This program is based on the concepts of (CYD)
community youth development that consider
youth in societies as resources and assets rather
than as problems and needs, Therefore, they
are essential elements of community progress
and a solution to societal problems as well as
opportunities for positive changes in their

Namaa present non-formal education for drop-out children and for refugee children who have not had access to formal schools.

Started 2015- on going project : 4 governorates
served, 60 young men and women involved
The project aims to raise awareness about the
safety of women in all cities of Jordan in terms of
giving women the ability and confidence to walk
comfortably in the streets and being able to
defend and protect themselves from sexual
harassment in the streets.

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