About Us

The Women’s Association for Cultural Development “Namaa” is a non-profit organization established by a group of women in 2005, Namaa works for a conscious and educated society to improve the status of women in their local communities and enhance their participation in decision-making. Nama has implemented more than 40 projects under four main programs; Qaderat, Majtami, the World Is My Class, and the Safe Cities Program, a sensitive project for the role of women in it.

Our Vision
We strive for a just world that advances women’s rights, and equality for girls, and enhances young
men and women’s roles in sustainable development.

Our Mission
• We are working to make Jordan a better place by empowering women and youth in all aspects
of life, aiming to reach a point where women, girls, and youth's voices are heard through
empowering them to carry out their duties towards their communities by ensuring their
participation in economic, political, social, and cultural decision-making. We are aiming to create
an integrated network of the programs, projects, and services through which we serve all
members of society (youth, children, and women), to contribute to sustainable development
goals, using the latest technologies, and best practices, involve all stakeholders in Jordan and the
Arab region. We take climate change very seriously and are working diligently and consistently
to mitigate its impact.

Namaa 7 Core Ethics:
1- Honesty and credibility
2- Do no harm
3- Leave no one behind
4- Earth matters
5- Trust
6- Respect
7- Transparency

Namaa 8 Core Values
1- Freedom is not an option it is a way of living;
2- Human rights form frame everything we do
3- Change is our fixed RULE ..
4- Innovation, Creativity, and latest technology are our TOOLS..
5- Learning for life is our method
6- Sustainability is what we promise..
7- Authenticity is what we aspire..
8- Joy and entertainment are what we bring..